Organizational Advice

Most of the change processes fail. In 70% of the cases this is due leadership and management. Especially nowadays, because traditional forms of organizational change don't work that good anymore. Often these are characterized by a static, structured nature whereby the plan is equated with results. However, renewel doesn't take place linearly. And also not according to a fixed plan. 

Innovation, growth and sustainable change require a different approach. One with a working atmosphere filled with dynamics, creativity and collaboration. Such an approach brings new solutions for problems. And that's exactly what is needed to deal with the complexity that confront companies nowadays. 

Het Eerste Huis ahead

Het Eerste Huis is a leader in the field of modern transformation processes within the Netherlands. We share our knowledge and experience through: 

  • supporting transformational processes 

  • professionel advice to management and teams

  • individuel coaching

  • lectures, workshops and training

  • events with keynote figures

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