We support people and organizations during change. We focus on motivation, awareness and potential of people. Why? Because energetic people are motivational; for themselves and for colleagues and clients. Because energetic people do something that does work. That's what organizations need. A new way of seeing and being leads to succes, sustainable solutions and innovative cooperation. Het Eerste Huis is capable of realizing that like no other.

What do we offer?

  • Support by organization transformation
  • Transformational leadership programs
  • Coaching for teams and individuals
  • Training, workshops and lectures
  • Leadershipdays and events

Latest news

We had a wonderful, inspirational day the 24th of March 2014. More than 400 professionals came to our event 'Leading from the Future' with Otto Scharmer. 


David Robinson and Alan Seale, two American coaches, facilitated the seminar called 'The Art of Teams'. 
The starting idea of this day was: teambuilding is one of the biggest misconceptions...

The leadership event Next Level Leadership with Peter Senge was a great success. We had so many enthusiastic reactions after the event. It was a day in which Peter Senge gave practical examples...